Hey I'm Zach!
I'm a Seattle-based action photographer. My photography focuses on sports and music events but I am always down to see something new and get things at a different perspective. When I'm not capturing moments, I love hanging out with my friends at the skate park or taking thrift trips. My community is what inspires me to keep going and I want to help strengthen that. 
Shoot me an email at zacharyjfajardo@gmail.com or take a look at what I've been up to @trapographer
Thanks! Zachary Fajardo
Past Clients:Red Bull, Nike, Soulection, Seattle Storm, Crawsover, Zeke-End, League Fits, BAIT, Cookies, Genesis, Reign City, CANT BLAME THE YOUTH, SNUFF Magazine, Day In Day Out Festival, Sasquatch Festival, Bumbershoot, Capitol Hill Block Party

Thank you!
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